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Celebrate Women’s Month with ITC

Dear Women of Intelligence, ITC celebrates Women’s Month in August and the evolving progress women are making in South Africa’s economy. ITC would like to wish all South African Women a HAPPY WOMEN’S MONTH by giving away a FREE seat


Improved infrastructure ‘will make Africa more competitive’

Roads are key catalyst of development since they enhance access to markets and attract investors to rural areas, which creates more jobs and increases people’s income. / File. New efforts by the Africa to develop key infrastructure facilities on the


Revealed: Key factors that can make or break a woman’s UAE career

‘How to thrive and survive as a working woman’ For women in the Middle East, things have perhaps moved even more quickly than they have in the West. For instance, as little as two decades ago, few local women held


Words Of Wisdom from Self Made Female Millionaire & Billionaire Entrepreneurs achat viagra belgique internet


“Institute for security studies: Guns dont mean safety, especially for women”

In South Africa, a woman is at greater risk of being shot by her partner, in her home and with a legal gun than being shot by a stranger. As is the case in many countries, guns are highly masculinised