Meet our Valentine’s Day Competition Winner

5 Minute Mentor with Lebogang Lelala


  1. What is your background?I completed my Matric in 2002. I received my Diploma in Advanced Food and Wine chefs in 2004 at The Hurst Campus. I am currently working towards my Degree in Marketing.
  2. What has been your biggest achievement in life? I have accomplished so much in my life and working on getting my Bachelor degree in Marketing. I would like to find a job where I can utilize my skills and advance my career. My other biggest accomplishment was to understanding the nature of humans and overcoming persecution with a positive attitude. I learnt to love, and to accept different personalities. I can now deal with difficult people.
  3. What do you think is the biggest challenge you face being a parent?  I am not a parent yet but most common challenges that most parents face are: Sleepless nights/sleep deprivation, dealing with kids tantrums, having patience, keeping on top of  the household chores, giving your child what they want without spoiling them, dealing with an ill child,  getting a baby to sleep through the night, dealing with other people’s opinions on your parenting skills
  4. Describe you management style?I work to inspire and motivate teamwork for achieving goals and influence valuable changes. I am always open to new ideas coming from team members. I consult with them frequently and encourage and support independent thinking. I believe in establishing an open discussion for decision-making. I recognize the skills of key team members and utilize their strengths to the benefit of the team
  5. What is your view on women empowerment?In this modern world women are free from everything. Because they have rights to move their own way in any matters. But, some portions are needs to be improved when considering the fact. Hence, the women empowerment may refers to that activities which focused to improve the social and economic status of women. There is no such things as to be downtrodden. Everything is structured well by the society and nature. There is no such order and obey condition between men and women.
  6. What is your secret to your business success? My secret to business success is defining what’s most important to me. Integrate my goals with others when possible. Making use of productive time effectively.  Identifying challenges. Building a good relationship with internal and external clients.  Understanding my customers’ needs and following up on queries or complaints.
  7. Is there enough being done to encourage young leaders? I think the most important part of affecting change or providing a positive impact is being in an environment that nurtures the development of a young leader. When you can’t, it is important to understand the culture and pick your battles. Learn to serve those above you and lead by example.
  8. Is a leader born or can leadership qualities be taught?Leadership can be taught and the easiest way is through experience.
  9. Who would you regard as a good female role model? My beautiful late mother has always been my role model. She believed that everyone is fair and should be treated fairly. But the special thing about her was that she was not afraid to show her sensitive side and she stood up for what she believed in. She will always be a star in my eyes because she was herself all the time. A pillar of strength even until the end!
  10. Leaders or Readers – What are you currently reading?  I’m now reading The Vampire Diaries, The Hunters: Destiny Rising

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