Police honour women on Mother’s Day

Major General A. Mateisi walks to the podium at the event. Pic: Supplied


As the country celebrated Mother’s Day, the police women’s network cluster in Krugersdorp, Gauteng gathered at Mogale Lodge Business Park to honour and show appreciation towards mothers and mother figures under the theme “embracing motherhood”.

The event was attended by, amongst others, motivational speaker Dr Lillian Cingo and many policewomen in senior ranks. Cingo said this is an important day as it teaches about embracing motherhood.

“On this day, we are affirming mothers and women. For me, this day means you do not need to a biological mother to be a mother. There are women out there who are mothering children they don’t even know. There are fathers who are mothering their children, so we are celebrating that,” added Cingo.

“I am very impressed by what I saw here. I really congratulate giving women equal opportunities in positions, we are seeing more policewomen in leadership positions,” added Cingo.

To all women out there, I say, we can do it, let’s hang in there and never lose hope, said Cingo.

Krugersdorp Cluster Commander, Major General A. Mateisi said this is a very important day as a mother casino online and a woman serving the community and the nation. “As a woman in leadership, I often get a challenge as most men do not believe that women can be in charge, so I always have to prove to men that woman can lead,” she added.

Mateisi urged all women to stand up firm and never let themselves down. “We need strong and brave women who can take decisions on their own. We can do it,” she said.

Major M.A. Enoch said: “Mothers are the first teachers in our lives. Being a mother is a full-time job without salary. It takes lots of responsibilities and bravery to be a mother. As mothers, we are serving and protecting; and I am grateful to be such a mother. I want to wish all mothers out there a very happy Mother’s Day”.

Tarlton police spokesperson Constable Lucky Matome said there is no way to be a perfect mother… but a million ways to be a good one.

“We are all mothers in different ways. Mothers play a vital role in the society. We are who we are today because of them, but there are also fathers who play both roles, hence I said we are all mothers in different ways,” added Matome.

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