The Lighthouse Baby Shelter

The Lighthouse Baby Shelter provides a safe haven for abandoned and unwanted babies from newborn. Through God’s grace they give them a warm home environment filled with love, care and attention until they are fostered or adopted and move to their new permanent homes. They are committed to the welfare of each and every child that comes through the doors, to provide them with the best care. Intelligence Transfer Centre would like to encourage you in supporting this baby shelter.

What the Management had to say about Intelligence Transfer Centre
“We would like to thank Intelligence Transfer Centre for the donation of R 3,000.00. Thank you for selecting The Lighthouse Baby Shelter as the recipient of your donation.  We rely on the generosity of the private sector to sustain our shelter and without these donations the shelter would not be in existence.

All goods and funds donated are put towards improving our shelter so that the children are given the best facilities and care possible.  The seed you have sown into Gods’ kingdom will grow and you will be blessed with abundance.

Once again on behalf of all our infant residents, the management and staff of the Lighthouse Thank you very very Much!!”
God Bless
Eleanor Dustan
Cell 072 385 1884

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