Women want development, says survey

Women want development, says survey.

Bismah Malik
Tribune News Service
Srinagar, March 12

A total of 37 per cent women believe that lack of or imbalance in development is the main concern. This has been foud in the survey “Women’s voices in Jammu and Kashmir 2014”, conducted by Ehsaas, an NGO.

Only 5 per cent respondents said militancy was the main concern. Mental and psychological disorders and domestic violence against women were the other issues mentioned by the women.
A total of 520 women had been contacted, the region-wise break-up being 379 in Kashmir, 76 in the Jammu province and 65 in Ladakh.
A total of 73 per cent respondents said women felt insecure and 53 per cent believed that domestic violence had become commonplace.
Economic dependence was turning out to be the most important problem being faced by women with 52 per cent saying they were more oppressed than their counterparts in other states. Eighty per cent respondents said disappearance of their family members during the years of turmoil had caused poverty, mental illnesses, remarriage and other problems.
A total of 89 per cent said women should be involved in peace-building measures and 66 per cent said women could play an important role in addressing the damage caused due to the prolonged conflict.

Ezabir Ali, survey coordinator and Ehsas consultant, said society was still grappling with the issue of remarriage of half-widows.
“Rulings by Islamic scholars had put the brakes on remarriage. We then got the scholars on one platform and convinced them on the remarriage of half-widows after a gap of four years,” said the team head.

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