Greetings from the Women In Mining Conference

Noluthando Sikhosana
Mining Engineering – 4th year UJ Student

It was a great privilege to be invited to attend the ITC Women in Mining 2013 Conference for the first time.

As a student, studying Mining Engineering, it came at the right time and I really appreciate everything I got from this conference.

It was a great honour to listen to the speakers, CEO’s and other influential people, on the first day. I gained lot of knowledge, which will be beneficial for some of my modules and also for my future path in the Mining Industry. I got really motivated hearing from great women who have made it, advising and giving us information that we will need in coming years.

The first thing that caught my eye when I came in the first day, was the warm welcome from the ushers and the gift bag that had what we needed for the conference; name tags, pen, notepad, programme for all the days, chocolate (which was online casino gids divine), make-up, safety glasses, hard hat, reflector top(which we had to wear to take pictures). Everything was amazing. Proceeding to the conference centre, the set-up of the tables and the stage itself was professional.

The food was delicious and more than enough both breakfast and lunch. Hmmmm… desert was top of the range too as were the drinks.

What I really liked the most about the whole conference, is that we were allowed to ask any question and most of the answers were remarkable and it was what we really wanted to hear. And there was an Open Forum Discussion at the end of each meeting which really opened my eyes as I heard all the different views.

I don’t regret attending it and would love to attend again. It was indeed a the experience of a lifetime. It”s one of those moments that you will look back after the University and say “what an honor”.

Thank you ITC Team and thank you everyone who contributed to the success of this conference.


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